2 free museums in Milan thanks to MilanoCard


From this year, MilanoCard includes within its offer 2 of the main attractions of the city: the Crypt of Leonardo and Highline Galleria.

criptaThe Crypt of Leonardo, located in the place that Leonardo da Vinci defined the “real center” of the Milan, is situated in Piazza San Sepolcro behind the Palace of Ambrosiana. Founded on 6th December 1020 by Benedetto Rozone, descendants of the magistri monetae of the imperial mint, with the name of Santissima Trinità. On 15th July 1100, during the Crusades, the archbishop Anselmo da Bovisio dedicates the church to San Sepolcro of Gerusalemme. The Crypt was built on the ancient roman forum of the city. It was the ancient main square of the town center of Mediolanum since the founding of the Roman city in the Republican age.

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Highline Galleria is the path on the rooftop of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. From the terracess you can admire Piazza Duomo and the cathedral, Piazza Scala and the new Milan’s skyline of Porta Nuova. The construction of the Galleria was started in 1865 following the design of the architect Giuseppe Mengoni. A few years after the term works, the building was defined as the “living room of Milan”.

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Thanks to MilanoCard, you can discover these two great places for free. Buy now MilanoCard!


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