Emilio Isgrò, Annie Leibovitz, Anastasia Starovoitova: 3 free exhibitions

3 free exhibitions

Emilio Isgrò, Annie Leibovitz, Anastasia Starovoitova: 3 free exhibitions in Milan in September 2016, here where and why!

Everything in this world has a price: a sandwich, a house, an artwork. Milan, that is the city of many opportunities, gifts 3 free exhibitions for all September 2016.


3 free exhibitionsWhy an exhibition so big divided into three, between Palazzo Reale, the Manzoni’s House and the Caveau of Gallerie d’Italia, for an artist not of Milan and stilla live?

Because Emilio Isgrò, from Sicily and born in 1937, has been in Milan for 60 years, he made his field of study and work. From Milan he started to subtract the ‘sign’, the word, cancelled books, Bible, even the Italian Constitution. He showed thousands and thousands of times the seed, the detail. He has canceled everything to arrive to the meaning. He has drawn from the classics, from he greek cultur, from busyness of ants and bees. He restored life to censored history, from Galileo to Malaparte. He brought back Milan, with pianos and improbable stories about Bach, and a treasure hunt where Isgrò speaks of himself saying that he isn’t himself and he cancels himself through the quotes of family members, friends, actors, US presidents, movie stars.

You have until September 25, 2016. It will surprise you.


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Anne Leibnovitz to Fabbrica Orobia

3 free exhibitionsHer is the signature of the Calendario Pirelli 2016 introduced at Roundhouse of London. It is dedicated to this super woman, and to the most extraordinary women of the world, the free exhibition in a hidden place in Milan. Women: New Portraits is an exhibition full of women’s portait, a world tour that touches 10 cities.

The adress is Fabbrica Orobia 15, but to many do not say much.

You have to look for Fondazione Prada, then throw an eye toward the open gate complete with a red carpet.

Until 2nd October you can discover, in an interesting work of industrial recovery, the queen Elisabeth, Adele, Meryl Streep, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Malala, Aung San Suu Kyi, Patty Smith. Missing only Hillary Clinton. But it is beautiful anyway.

WOMEN: New Portraits
Annie Leibovitz, Fabbrica Orobia 15, 20139 Milano
From Monday to Sunday, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm, on Friday until 8.00 pm.

Free entrance

Anastasia Starovoitova

Less known, but equally a treat.
Abstract content vol.2 of dreams & nightmares, edited by Martina Cavallarin, will be inaugurated on 20th September. The exhibition offers the first personal of the Russian artist.

Do not miss it: have you ever thought of combining economics and cybernetics? Being in the studio of painter and with him to decide where to move the works? And if everything was like a ready-made of Marcel Duchamp?

Whitelight Art Gallery 
via Copernico 38, Milan, www.whitelightart.it

Thanks to Milanoincontemporanea – www.milanoincontemporanea.com

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