5 things to do in the next 15 days from 25th August to 7th September

5 things to do in the next 15 days

Here you can discover 5 things to do in the next 15 days!

Milano never stops, even when the city is empty and many people are on vacation.

What can you do when people og Milan are in holiday?

Here are 5 things to do and place to visit these weeks in Milan!

Villa Arconati

5 things to do in the next 15 daysFrom 24th April 2016 you can visit the villa with a guided tour, it i salso called Il Castellazzo, the small Versailles of Milan. The villa is located in Bollate, near Milan, in the Parco delle Groane.

Everyone knows it for the season of his concerts, know you can discover the apartments, also in which Giuseppe Arconati received his distinguished guests, located on the main floor, decorated on trompe d’oeil.

What can you see? The library with more than 600 books of fund Busca (romantic novels of the late nineteenth century in French), the reception room with the fresco of the myth of Phaeton on the ceiling,  the private rooms of Giuseppe Arconati, like the pink room, the garden with the Dolphin Fountain and the limonaia, where you can discover the flower beds as were in the eighteenth century.

When you can visiti t? The villa is opened every Sunday until 23rd October. Ticket: 4€, with guided tour 7€.
Via Madonna Fametta, 1, 20021 Castellazzo, Bollate MI

A dip in the pool Caimi

After 10 years, on 24th June it was reopened the Pool Caimi. The historic pool of via Botta, now renamed I Bagni Misteriosi (the mysterious baths) how the masterpieces of De Chirico hosted in the Gardens of Triennale, it will remain open throughout the summer, until September 10th. Every day (not on Tuesday) from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

WhiteLight Art Gallery in via Copernico

5 things to do in the next 15 daysCopernico 38, located in the street a few steps from Central Station, is not only a well-known business center with co-working spaces. In his basement hided WhiteLight, an alternative place, a whole with the underground area of the building, where the ceiling pipes drive to uncover exhibition routes and cement floor gives chromatic hues to set up works. A known hybrid space, different, contaminated and unconventional.
A new concept of gallery with dynamic style Copernicus and ready to be the forge of exhibitions very international. Don’t lose it!

Home cloned

It is located in via Poerio 35, but we could also be in New York, in Canada, in Israele, in Brasil, Argentina or in Australia.

The home cloned is a gotic building, one of 12 houses built in the forties of the dynasty of Orthodox Jews, the Lubavitcher, at the behest of Rabbi Yoseph Yitzchok Schneerson. He had just escaped from nazi persecution when he bought the gotic building in the Eastern Parkway of Brooklyn, New York.

“After him the house was inhabited by his son in law, the Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the movement Chabad-Lubavitch and founder of the meeting centers of the community Chabad in hte world. Da allora, the house at 770 of Eastern Parkway became the houuse 770, the heart of the Jewish community, so much that some of its members decided to replicate it in other cities such and such.

The home cloned of Milan is the only one of European Union. It is in via Poerio 35, near Porta Venezia, where the Chabad community if widespread.

Outdoor cinema

The outdoor cinema during the summer is a must Il cinema all’aperto d’estate è ormai un must. So, also this year, AriAnteo renews its appointment doing happy movie fans. From 1st June to 15th September, the yard of Palazzo Reale, the Chiostro dei Glicini of the Società Umanitaria, the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, the Chiostro dell’Incoronata and CityLife in square Tre Torri will the five locations that will host the multiplex en plein air. The ticket costs 7€, reduced ticket 5€.

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