After 50 years the Crypt of Leonardo is open

crypt of leonardo milan

After 50 years the Crypt of Leonardo is open

crypt of leonardoAfter 50 years the Crypt of Leonardo is open, it is one of Milan’s ancient churches. Built on the site of the Roman Forum, San Sepolcro church was founded in 1030 and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It was rebuilt for the first time in 1100 as San Sepolcro church and has experienced many modifications over the years.

The San Sepolcro church that can be visited today displays the style of many periods, but the crypt, which runs the entire length of the church, is the only part that remains of the original Romanesque structure.

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Visiting the crypt of San Sepolcro church is an opportunity to step back in time. For 50 years, Crypt of Leonardo has not been open to the public, but thanks to the efforts of MilanoCard, Regione Lombardia, Fondazione Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and Fondazione Cariplo, this historic place can be visited once more. The opening ceremony took place on 12th March this year by Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan.

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The crypt is divided by columns, and frescos line the walls. The floor is made from slabs of white Verona Stone, which once made the pavement of the 4th-century Roman forum. Among the sarcophagi, there is a 14th-century one with images of the resurrection. The crypt of San Sepolcro church is open daily. There is an entrance fee, but holders of a Milancard, can enter at a discount. The crypt is also included in the City Card’s RUN4FREE offer.

Follow in the footsteps of Leonardo

In visiting the San Sepolcro church, you are following in the footsteps of one of Milan’s most famous residents, Leonardo da Vinci. He was struck by both the beauty and the symbolic nature of the church. In the map in the Codex Atlanticus, Leonardo draws the church of San Sepolcro as the centre of Milan.

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