Best place to travel in Italy – Visit Milan

best place to travel in italy

Best place to travel in Italy – Visit Milan

Choose to visit Milan during your holiday. Milan prides itself on giving visitors a warm welcome, and so the tourist services of Milan do whatever they can to make your stay easier and even more enjoyable. This is one reason why so many tourists rate Milan highly as a destination considering Milan the best place to travel in Italy and return time and again to discover more about this fascinating city. Recent research about satisfaction of tourists in Milan and about Milan Hotel, put in evidence that Milan visitors give a very high rate (more than 85/100) about :

  • Tourist Attraction score: 92/100
  • Kindless of the employes at Hotel score: 90/100
  • Warm hospitality at Hotel score: 89/100
  • Price/Quality at Hotel score: 87/100
  • Food score at Hotel: 76/100

Milan Tourism Point

Milan tourism points are located at various points throughout the city, including the Milan airport , Milan Central Railway Station and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Staff here will always be pleased to give you any information you need on all aspects of your trip, from hotel recommendations to medical assistance. Here you will find also Milan map and some others guide and flyer very useful for your trip in Milan .

They can also help with tickets for events and Milan attractions, including the top Milan museums and city tour.

The Milan City Pass

You can enjoy your visit in Milan with the Milan City Pass. The MilanoCard is a pass that will save tourists both time and money during their stay. There are a number of different cards available (24h, 48h and 72h, the last one is the only one solution to have free access to Milan public transport for 72h in Milan), so you can choose one that suits the length and nature of your stay. Holders of these city cards can visit Milan for free on excellent public transport network, including buses, trams, metro and city trains, as well as a range of discounts on tickets to attractions, airport links, shops and restaurants. To find out more and purchase your Milan City Card, click here.

In order to improve the customer experience in Milan, MilanoCard realized a very innovative Quality Program, the first one realized by a tourist card. Thanks to this program, MilanoCard is be able to ear the necessity of visitors and to give satisfying answers .

Open Wi-Fi Milano

What do you do if you need information and you are nowhere near a tourist point? Thanks to Open Wi-Fi Milano, there are many places in the city where you can log onto the internet for free on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Milan is an exciting tourist destination with everything from good food, fabulous shops, ancient history, culture and a vibrant nightlife, and you will find the tourist services extremely helpful. Log on to any tourism review site and you will find many testimonials all eager to share their top tips and experiences of their stay in Milan.

The organization European best destination listed Milan in the top ten best destinations in Europe for 2016 and the previous year, 2015, was the New York Times to declare Milan as the best destination of the year.

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