Exhibitions in the underground of Milan, pictures BASE and other meetings

underground of Milan

Exhibitions in the underground of Milan, pictures BASE and other meetings: 3 things to do in Milan in December 2016, discover here where!

Milan is beautiful everywhere. In addition to the underground theater, in fact, it came also an exhibition and meetings of banned books and…

A new world to BASE

For the first time in Italy comes the traveling exhibition Seismographic Sounds, edited by Norient — Network for Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture -, that investigates and discusses the variety and innovative potential that digital cultures bring forward.

underground of milanAn audible and visual pathway consists of audio-visual installations, podcasts, photographs, posters and virtual discussions. 6 main themes. Money, Loneliness, Belonging, Desire, Exotic and War. 250 musicians, sound artists, bloggers, photographers and researchers from more than 50 countries, illuminate new areas beyond the confines of commercialism, propaganda, fanaticism, racism and sexism.
Remix 2000 video with the help of an algorithm.

The visitor can also actively participate in a virtual roundtable in which musicians, journalists and scientists discuss the controversial questions that emerge from the arguments treated by exposure. Along the route photographs, posters and mix tape to a portrait of the artists and their work.

Experimenting with Visions of a new world.

Until 23rd December 2016 at the BASE Milan, Via Bergognone, 34
Free admission – Opening exhibition: 11:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday).

CITIES UNDERGROUND: an exhibition at Malpensa

An exhibition of Mario Bobba by Denis Curti at Terminal 1 Floor Malpensa Railway Station.  Until 28 February 2017, to be followed in other “non-places” yet to be determined, “Underground Cities” across 3 continents 18 cities. It does so from 2011.

The evocative details, places, habits and appearance of travelers, stimulate the viewer to relive the experience of the author mediated by his sensitivity. In an airport, then a non-place in constant evolution. Not a place just like the Underground represented in the project by Mario Bobba.

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