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the last supper

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Experiencing Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘ The Last Supper ’ also called ” Cenacolo ” will make your trip to Milan a memorable one. The painting shows the last meal Christ spent with his disciples before his crucifixion on Good Friday. During this meal, Christ is said to have revealed to his followers that one of them would betray him, and this is also the occasion where he instituted the Eucharist. Many artists have painted this scene over the centuries, but none are as famous as Leonardo’s painting in Milan.

Creating a masterpiece

Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned by Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, to paint this scene on the refractory wall of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. He started work in 1495, but did not finish until 1498. This time taken meant that the usual technique for painting frescos would not work, and so Leonardo developed a new technique using tempera on the stone wall.

This technique was not a success, and the painting started to decay within a few years of its completion. Further damage was caused over the years by early restoration attempts, atmospheric conditions and bombings during World War II.

Visiting today

Recent efforts have restored the masterpiece, and every year, visitors flock to see it. Numbers are limited, so tickets should be booked well in advance. If you are buying a MilanoCard, click here to find out about the special bundle that combines the City Pass with entrance to the Cenacolo of Leonardo da Vinci for just 26€ and be sure to visit the great masterpiece of the Genius.

On the footsteps of Leonardo in Milan – Updated guide for your visit in Milan on the footsteps of the Genius

last supper

Milan is the city of Leonardo, find here a little update guide about things to do in Milan and attractions to be visited in Milan to discover Loenardo:

  • visit the Crypt of Leonardo, just reopening after 50 years is the most ancient Church of Milan located underground level , under the Church of San Sepolcro.
  • visit The World of Leonardo exhibit at Leonardo3. Holders of the City Card can visit at a 50% discount. Among the museum’s fascinating exhibits is ‘The Last Supper’ experience, where a reproduction of the painting allows you to see the painting as it was in Leonardo’s day, and touch screen technology allows visitors to find out even more about the work and techniques used to create this masterpiece.
  • Ambrosiana gallery with the Codex Atlanticus and the Musico of Leonardo

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