Free walking tour in Milan in San Siro Stadium Milan

San Siro Stadium Milan

MilanoCard, the local city pass of Milan, in cooperation with MoschinoVideo provide you a new free walking tour to do in Milan to discover the unknow places of the city.

Milan is also famous for the San Siro stadium, which is called “la Scala del calcio” (La Scala of football). San Siro wasn’t always as we can see it now. Today it is made of three rings, surrounded by eleven towers supporting the roof.

The last renovation was for the 1990 World Cup. In 1926 the President of AC Milan, Mr. Pirelli, the famous engineer, had it built because he wanted to give his team a modern stadium.

Initially it consisted of four stands, not joined to one another, therefore open, as in the Marassi stadium in Genoa.

After the war a second ring and the connection curves were built. After the war FC Internazionale Milan started playing there too.

In fact, before that time they used to play in the arena which is inside Parco Sempione. Because of its beauty San Siro was described by Gianni Brera as a sort of cruise ship, especially at night when the lights were on.

Even now, at night, it is beautiful to see with these towers, because it looks like an enchanted castle surrounded by darkness. The San Siro Stadium is not used only for football. In addition to the greatest football players of all times who played here, there are a lot of rock stars who performed in this place.

For example Bruce Springsteen, who is the one who had more concerts here, U2, Madonna, Michael Jackson all sang in this stadium and in 2011, even an opera was performed, “l’Aida Monumantale”.

Apparently it wasn’t a great success because of bad weather conditions that partly destroyed the sound system.

Inside San Siro Stadium Milan there is also a museum. The museum is really nice, because it contains the ten trophies that the two teams of the city, AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milan, have won, ten European Cups, a record that has only been equaled by Real Madrid in Spain.

During the tour inside the museum, it is possible to visit the changing rooms of the two teams and enter the football field. The changing rooms of the two teams are personalized for AC Milan and for FC Inter Milan.

AC Milan have a round room, where each player has his own niche where to sit and get changed, and above it there is a digital video showing the name of the player.

Each time, the place changes, except for the one which belonged to the captain Maldini, which is the most requested and you can still see his match jersey there. While FC Inter Milan, in another circular changing room, have all their ‘scudetti’ (trophies) hanging from above, recalling the victories of the Internazionale team.

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