Free walking tour in Milan – Sant’Ambrogio Milano and Santa Maria delle Grazie

sant'ambrogio milano

Not only Duomo. A free walking tour in Milan to admire Sant’Ambrogio Milano and Santa Maria delle Grazie

MilanoCard, the local city pass of Milan, in cooperation with MoschinoVideo provide you a new free walking tour to do in Milan to discover the unknow places of the city.

We will start by suggesting a visit to Sant’Ambrogio, the church dedicated to the patron saint of Milan. The church has a wonderful portico where you can admire the façade, the classical Romanesque façade with the shape of a hut, symbolizing the poverty of the church.

Inside the basilica there is something peculiar, it is Moses’ grass snake, that we can see on our left when entering. It is told to have come from the stick that Moses used during the flight from Egypt of the Jewish people.

Then it is said that when the end of the world and Apocalypse come, the snake will appear in the centre of the apocalyptic scenery.

We are now leaving Sant’Ambrogio and, walking along Corso Magenta, we will reach Santa Maria delle Grazie. Santa Maria delle Grazie is extremely famous because in the refectory of the convent, it cherishes ‘L’ultima Cena’ (‘The Last Supper’) painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Ludovico il Moro, who wanted this church to be built as the burial place for his family, employed Leonardo da Vinci so that he would decorate the place where the friars ate their meals.

There are various Da Vinci Codes and they are manuscripts that the great genius wrote, concerning different branches of engineering, art, hydraulics. In Milan two ‘Codici da Vinci’ are kept: the Codice Atlantico, which is in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and the Codice Trivulziano which is in Castello Sforzesco.

Another great genius who collaborated to the construction of Santa Maria delle Grazie was Donato Bramante. Donato Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci worked side by side on what was going to be the sacristy of the church and that is now called Bramante’s sacristy. Coming out of Santa Maria delle Grazie it is nice to look at the back of the church, which is an example of Lombard gothic of the 1500s.

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Enjoy your tour of Milan!


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