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Free walking tour in milan

Free Walking tour in Milan – Vertical Milano, the rising city

MilanoCard, the local city pass of Milan, in cooperation with MoschinoVideo provide you a new free walking tour to do in Milan to discover the unknow places of the city.

Milan is a city that has always been keen on verticality, starting from the Duomo.

Another impulse towards verticality was that given during the Fascist period. Rationalist architecture traditionally wants tall buildings to glorify the stateliness of the empire. But also the buildings that, still in the Fascist period, represented examples of Liberty fashion, are tall ones. For example, Palazzo Fidia.

Then there are some skyscrapers, a little more recent but still built before the war, that are in piazza Piemonte. Piazza Piemonte can be reached by taking the red line of the underground and getting off at Wagner.

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Looking at Piazza Piemonte, the main characteristic we notice is that there are two buildings which look alike. At first sight they are ‘twins’, indeed, they are called the “Milanese Twin Towers”. They are only 38 metres tall, but for the area and for the time when they were built, above all for this traditionally low area, they were very tall. They are really beautiful.

Turning our backs on the twin skyscrapers in Piazza Piemonte, we can see, beyond piazza Buonarroti, that another skyscraper is being completed in this period. It is the tower designed by the Japanese Isozaki, and it is one of the towers that will be built in the area of CityLife.

The Isozaki Tower is the one called “il Dritto”(“the Straight One”). To top it all there will be “lo Storto” (“the Twisted One”) and “il Curvo” (“the Curved One”), designed by the architects Zaha Hadid and Libeskind.

Another historic skyscraper in Milan is ‘grattacielo Pirelli’ (Pirelli tower), affectionately called “il Pirellone” by the Milanese, but the real masterpiece is the building which is today the headquarters of Unicredit, designed by architect Cèsar Pelli.

It is a curved building enclosing the square which was formed amid these giants made of glass and steel. The part I like best is ‘il pennone’, the spire that stands beside this skyscraper, which appears in a different colour, depending on the days of the year. So Milan, with these new creatures, is soaring to the future, making a hole in the clouds, and who knows where it will go next.

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