The Giro d’Italia 2017 between Monza and Milan

Giro d’Italia 2017

The Giro d’Italia 2017 between Monza and Milan: as you do not miss it, avoid the roads closed and pedal in the wake of the champions on Sunday 28th May.

On Sunday 28 May the Giro d’Italia returns to Milan. It’s a tradition, it’s a rite: do not you want to do it on the occasion of the centenary of the most important cycling event in Italy?

Giro d’Italia 2017It ran on May 13, 1909. It was morning. The Giro d’Italia started with magna conclusion in Milan. 107 years have passed, 100 editions, countries, common and pure nations have been crossed, the starting blocks have changed, the champions of the champions to be championed, yet the sporting epic most followed by Belpaese does not change its final stage: Milan . It’s the 76th year that’s how it is!

This year the Giro d’Italia 2017 completes its stage starting from Monza at 13.00, from the “Monti Velocity Temple, which was chosen as a starting point in 1945 and 1985,” to complete the last kilometers, Twenty-eighth, at Piazza Duomo in Milan.

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After taking a tour of the circuit, the caravan will enter the pit-lane to take the box and enter Monza Park.

Giro d’Italia 2017 Monza-Milan also for amateurs

Tour lovers, this year, will also have the opportunity to run in the wake of the big champions. In fact, with the setup of the stage, in fact, you will be able to ride on the 28th of the same time on the same professional track as a team timer, consisting of a minimum of four to a maximum of eight athletes.

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