How to avoid tourist trap in Milano

How to avoid tourist trap in Milano

How to avoid tourist trap in Milan, where to go to eat and where NOT to go. here it’ s some simple rule to enjoy your trip in Italy !


When you visit a foreign country you always hope to receive a warm welcome and not to live situations that could leave you bad  memories of the long-awaited trip.

Milan, we know, is not among the cheapest cities in Italy, but very often this bad reputation is enhanced by the direct experience of some tourists, especially foreigners, who have been reserved a “special” treatment during their stay in the city, but in negative terms.

what is a “Tourist Trap” ?

After all, who has not come under the so-called “tourist extra-charge”, at least once in his life? 
Even if everyone lives the holiday in his own way – depending on his taste, budget and time available – perhaps there are some simple tips that everybody should follow to avoid the risk of incurring into the classic tourist traps.

Simply rules to avoid tourist traps

Since your arrival: if you have to move from the airport to the city (or vice versa ), beware of taxi fares. To avoid the risk of being soaked, better to ask different drivers or to opt for the shuttle connection: you’ll spend much less and you‘ll be sure that the fares are not inflated.

In airports, railway stations and some subway stops, pay attention to harassing people who offer you their “generous” help to carry your luggage or to buy tickets for the public transport for you. If luggage and wallets remain intact in their place, at least you will be asked for a tip. And at that point it’s up to you: please them or suffer (with a laugh, obviously) their curses.

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Another basic rule, if you are caught by sudden hunger attack and you want to taste something appetizing and authentic: keep far from restaurants scattered near the Duomo, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and the Gallery – both super luxurious ones and those similar to bars-cafeterias. In any case, prices are very expensive and dishes, often poor in quality, have often skimpy portions. Why not to do few steps further and try the famous “panzerotto” of Luini? It will be a real Italian experience for your palate, as witnessed by mileage and perennial queue outside the shop . But believe us, it’s worth it!

If you instead prefer sit and eat at the table, here’s a list of restaurants where you can go and feel confident, besides taking advantage of a favorable discount with your MilanoCard.

Finally, one last suggestion before leaving : if you need a little souvenir of Milan to take home or bring as a gift, forget the Duomo miniatures, which, besides being now out of fashion , are also very kitsch!  You’d rather visit the Vergani coffee –boutique, where you can taste and buy delicious homemade panettone throughout the year and have an old-style breakfast with the traditional Barbajada (discover it with MilanoCard). Bring the authentic sweet symbol of Milan home and your palate will be grateful!


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