Is Stadio Meazza in Milano worth a visit?

Is Stadio Meazza in Milano worth a visit?

Is Stadio Meazza (or san siro, as milanese call it) in Milano worth a visit? in a word.. YES. discover why

Fc Internazionale MilanoThere are a lot of convincing reasons to visit our beautiful country: history, art , food and wine culture , breathtaking landscapes, shopping, design, … The list goes on and on!

But one of our greatest flagships, cause of pride all over the world, is often overlooked by tourists, despite it’s one of the things that Italians are more attached : we are talking about football.

No doubt, we can consider it the national sport par excellence, not only considering the huge attachment  of our compatriot fans, but also the brilliant results of the National Team repeatedly reached worldwide.

A section that can certainly be surprising and exciting – and not only for the traveler more fond of football – is the visit to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, also known as San Siro Stadium, a name which it held until the Eighties, deriving  from the neighborhood in which it was built in 1925.

This is the bigger stadium in Italy, with its 81.277 seats in which the fans enjoy live matches played by Milan and Inter, two of the greatest teams of our country, popular around the world.

But the structure is not only open during sporting events: you can experience the matches (remember that with your MilanoCard you can receive 12% discount on some tickets), but you can also enter  this magnificent architectural building  everyday, by visiting its Museum of Inter and Milan , the first in Italy to be placed inside a stadium.

Fc Internazionale MilanoAbsolutely you cannot miss the tour of the museum: go and look around in the relics of the two football teams, but most of all catch the unique opportunity to pass through the Tunnel of Champions and have a walk in the field where famous champions play! You can also collect your tickets at MilanTourismPoint office in Central Station!

Meazza Stadium: according to what The Times says (same news here), it’s the second most beautiful stadium in the world. What do you think , maybe worth seeing it?

Check the Section for Football Lovers in

A tip about Stadium Meazza / San Siro Stadium in Milano

from “Aptly nicknamed the “Scala” of football, Milan’s San Siro Stadium is all about soccer and nothing else. Home to both Inter and AC Milan, this is one of the few venues in Italy that was built with a sole sport in mind: the two viewing tiers evolve into three behind both goals, and there is no athletic track surrounding the pitch. The building’s structure was designed so as to allow for maximum visibility for each of its potential 80,000 occupants, as was the intricate lighting system.

Even if you can’t land tickets for a match in the San Siro, I suggest you take the time to enjoy one of the stadium’s guided tours. They cover most of the grounds, including the players’ locker rooms, the V.I.P. lounge, and the stadium bar, which is open only to home fans. If your lungs can handle the trip up to the third tier of Tower #8, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view of Milan.”


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