When Ludovico il Moro authorized the writers to make beautiful Milan

beautiful Milan

When Ludovico il Moro authorized the writers to make beautiful Milan: a history of art, stories of yesterday and today.

How many things Ludovico Maria Sforza called il Moro knew, and as he has done in Milan. Even in spite of himself, to authorize the creation of street art ante litteram.

beautiful MilanLudovico Maria Sforza called il Moro (Milan, 3rd August 1452 – Loches, 27th May 1508). He was regent of the Duchy of Milan from 1480 to 1494 next to his nephew Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza. He was Duke of Milan from 1494 to 1499. He was friend of Leonardo da Vinci, who invited him in Milan commissioning him, among other masterpieces, the famous Statua Equestre (equestrian statue), the Last Supper, the Dama con l’Ermellino (Lady with an Ermine), the Sale delle Assi (Sale of Axles) at the Sforza Castle, the Vergine delle Rocce (Virgin of the Rocks). It was always him to give the Florentine genius la Vigna, now re-opened in Corso Magenta. Discover the promotion of MilanoCard and visit the Last Supper.

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But il Moro was also the one who decreed the birth of street art meneghina. It appears that it was il Moro to authorize the Milanese to decorate the facades of their homes and buildings with graffiti. In this way, they would further adorned the city, spend less doing the ducal coffers. Graffiti and decorations were thus enriching for Milan, making it beautiful and then simultaneously. Of those works there are only very few fragments, including one at 15 Via Santa Marta.


There, and more precisely in the bottom of the inner courtyard, still one can see a boy and a little angel playing ball. Customs and traditions that have remained in the DNA of Milan considered the many cases of public assistance supported by the recently viewed private.

There have been positive experiments Zuretti and Martesana, that of ‘building that breathes’ in via Console Flaminio (Lambrate), and finally, that of the tenants of the building via Barrili, on the Naviglio Pavese.

Tenants have self-assessed and have become patrons of a work of contemporary art, which abbellisse their building and would identify anew their neighborhood, under the supervision of curator Daniele Decia.

So good as to have also deserved the Billbergia premium, the cultural initiative of the year, on the occasion of Nursery Awards. The association, some time ago he signed an appeal to make Milan art gallery, public and pollution, through the use of special paints: “We believe that this is an opportunity for our mayor to follow up its stated commitment to pollution and face instance spokesman transform the city into a work of art in the open air can help reduce air pollution”.

It would be a good way to pursue the tradition of Milan, embellish it and make it breathe easier, is not it?

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