Milan is the biggest street food village of the world

Milan is the biggest street food village of the world: the innovation is the theatre between Scalo Porta Romana and Darsena, here when!

International Street Food Village arrives in Milan: the best between cooking and street food will take place until 2nd October. But on 29th September, in the city will happen something more, because…

street-foodInternational Street Food Village is the kermesse dedicated to street food.

It was started on 22th September, until 2nd October, at Scalo Porta Romana of Milan. It brings the best of the street food of more than 26 exhibitors, 9 italian regions (Liguria, Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy, Puglia, Trentino Alto Adige, Tuscany and Sicily) and 5 nations between Europa and America (Spain, Mexico, Argentine, Peru and Ireland).

Two of the ingredients of the exhibition: show cooking of street food, a chef will cook in front of the public unveiling recipes, tricks and curiosity to the participants, and regional folk performances, or singing and dancing in regional costumes.

Don’t lose: the piglent and the specialty of Sardinia; fried, Ligurian flat bread, porridge, pesto; hamburgher and salamella; Puglia specialities; South Tyrol specialities; Tuscan grilled meat,Sicilian sweets; paella and sangria; Mexican tacos; Argentine meat; Peruvian specialties; pubs guinness and chupiteria; homemade beers; German beer and kellerine and more.

International Street Food Village. Until Sunday 2nd October from 11.00 am to 00.00 am at Scalo Porta Romana, viale Isonzo, 11, Milano.

Free access

Infoline 3888349335

But the show will take place also in Darsena.

Today 29th September and Friday 30th September: Food Innovation Village.

street foodBetween the startup and the themed innovative projects about food there is also: SoLunch(, widespread food of milan.

From 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm, you can taste the SoChef’s dishes, cooked by l’abile direzione of Debora Cantarutti (, pharmacist, dietitian, informant on the health of superfoods.

At the same time you will hear the stories of contest Meetale (, digital incubator for emerging writers. There are all the spin off the Expo 2016’s projects.

Food Truck Innovation
from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
Darsena Milan

Don’t lose: the dinner on board the truck of the Alveare and Gnammo.

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