Milano gay friendly

Milano gay friendly

Milan, famous for beeing a cosmopolitan and creative city, is also home to be largest gay scene in Italy.

Here in Milano gay friendly, the urban gay communuty of fashion lovers live alongside the underground subculture of alternative and also trasgressive types.

In Milan there are outright gay bars and small clubs close to the Porta Venezia district and also many venues around Milan are gay-friendly establishments.

There are also many gay-themed events at various localees in the city that attract different party-goers and to find all events we suggest you picking up a copy of free magazines Milano Pride or Zerodue, available in many city’s shops, clubs and bars.

Italy’s gay culture has also promoted in the recent years the use of popular apps such as Grindr and Tinder to arrange rendez-vous and we also suggest you to register for a membership card with Arcigay, Italy’s first and biggest national gay organization.

Did you know that in Milan there is Italy’s only gay street? It is in Via Sammartini, close to Central Railway Station of Milan, where there is a MilanTourismPoint. Since 1993 it become the firts Gay Street in Italy thanks to the presence of bar, sauna, resturant, newspapershop and disco gay friendly.


Gay clubs and bars in Milan

Gay clubs in Milan are spread all over the city, here below some most famous ones:


This friendly bar is famous for its cheap cocktails and international aperitivo. Here you can find commercial pop music and a lively atmosphere. In this bar gather gay and straight and other guests may ask about your orientation. This is the ideal place for forging new friendships but also for just enjoying an evening in Milan.





Plastic Club
Since 1980, this club is famous for beeing eccentric and transgressive, as the New York’s Studio 54. Andy Warhol described it as the best European club frequented also by VIPS such as Elton John, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and Prince. Here gather fashionistas, homo-, bi-, trans-sexuals, experimentalists and aspiring rock stars. Here it can be found progressive music among kitsch furnishings, neon lights and black walls. Plastic has a strict “no lists, no table” policy and there is a ultra-strict door selection.





Corso Lodi 51

Il Patchouli Café & Restaurant is open every day from 6 pm to 3 am, except for Thursday.

Every night, Italian style happy hour with drink and finger food but also hot dishes and sweets, with table service.

Here it is also possible to have dinner.

Every Monday from 9 pm: Karaoke

Every Wednesday: happy hour at 7 pm and from 9.30 pm Drag Queen and Music.


Atomic Bar

Atomic bar

This three room bar is packed between pin-up glam decor and the 1970s wallpaper. Here you will find rockers, hipsters and people that dance in the compact dance floor. The music is a mix of britpop, electro, New Wave, 80s and indierock. Prices here are extremely reasonable.




Toilet Club

Via Lodovico Il Moro 171 

Toilet Club Milano

Close to the Navigli area this is another famous gay club in Milan

The music here is funny and a mix of electro, pop, indie rock, 80’s, new wave, punk. To go to this club you must have the Arci card, cocktail cost 5/7 euro.








The FARM Club

Via Plezzo 16 , Milan

The FARM Club

Weekend opening times: Sat 23:30 – 05:00

This is Milan’s most popular gay dance party with international guest DJ’s. You can find FARM party weekly, usually on Saturday at different venues.








New Opening Season!!

Next event on Saturday, 10th: Invert @ Item Milano, at Via Pompeo Leoni 5



PianetaCoppia, find the partner that is perfect for you

Giorgio Gallinotto, after  many years of managerial experience founded in Milan Pianeta Coppia, an innovative marriage agency in order to choose accurately who exactly you want to meet.

Pianeta Coppia not only organizes dates but also targeted actions ranging from aesthetics to clothing and habits, etc.



Shopping in Milan

Are you a shopping lover?

Milan is the capital shopping and if you are a shopping lovers you can’t miss those districts:

The most famous shopping streets are via Torino, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Buenos Aires.

For your high quality shopping we suggest you the Quadrilatero d’Oro, where you can find brands such as Gucci, Armani, Prada and Boggi.

Make shopping with special rates at Boggi with MilanoCard, you can save 10% !

Do you love outlets?

Save 10% on outlet price at Salvagente Outlet, the first outlet in the city center, with MilanoCard!

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