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expo 2015


Expo2015 will be a great Italian event, 180 days to discover Milan, Expo and Italy. We have already talked about this event and you can find info at this link

As every great event is necessary, in order to enjoy it, to be organized and to have smart solutions like an all inclusive City Pass.

You may have some concerns about coming to Milan for Expo2015, such as:

– How can I buy the ticket for Expo2015 ?

– How can I reach Expo area?

– What can I do in Expo Exhibition Area?

– How can I travel from the airports to the city center?

– How can I travel in Milan and Italy during my trip?

– How can I know what are the things to do in Milan and Italy?

And much much more questions…

For this reason MilanoCard is ready with a new option of card, the MilanoExpoCard, this card includes:

– Free access to Expo2015 one time open date for any type of person (an expo ticket will be sent you by email)

– Privileged access  to Expo2015

– Free public transport in Milan

– Free round-trip to Expo (Rho Fiera) with Suburban train Line

– Free personal driver for 2 rides (value of each ride 15€)

– Free handmade Panettone (the sweet of Milan)

– Special rates for lunch and dinner in Expo Area @Eataly

– Discounted rates for high speed train to move in Italy

– Benefits and discounts for +500 services like museums, tours, restaurants, shopping, tickets for events in Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence and at the main cities of Lombardy (Pavia, Cremona, Bergamo, Como, Varese).

– Special guide with all the main info about Expo (hwo to reach, things to see etc)

– For Chinese, dedicated guide in chinese and dedicated telephone infoline

– Dedicated services for Family (rental stroller, baby sitter ecc) and disable people.

The MilanoExpoCard is valid for 3 days in Milan and 1 month in Italy. To this card you can also add, with an upgrade, a free transport in Rome, Florence and Venice.

All of this could be in your hands for a very special price, just 39€ instead of 45€ if you buy the MilanoExpoCard. So if you compare (find below) all of this to the regular Expo ticket you will find the good deal of we are talking about.

Please find here a comparison:

When                                      Expo Ticket standalone              MilanoExpoCard including Expo ticket

Before May 1st, 2015                         32€                                                    45€ 39€

After May 1st, 2015                            39€                                                    45€ 39€

Purchase and receive

As the MilanoCard you can buy the MilanoExpoCard online, from this website and receive it at your arrival (we have pickup offices in Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, Central Station, Piazza Castello) or at your hotel.

You have just to tell us your arrival date, to arrange the delivery, but your MilanoExpoCard start from the first use on public transport in Milan and access to Expo area is open date/open hour so you will be able to choose later when to visit Expo2015. With the Pass you will receive also information to have fast track, included in MilanoExpoCard, at the entrance of Expo2015.

Useful info about Expo Area (this box will be update time by time, when Expo will give us more info)

MilanoExpoCard allows the access to Expo area for each holder of the Card (an expo ticket will be sent you by email)

– The access to Expo Area is with fast track within the hours communicated by MilanoCard (about: 10.00am, 12.00am, 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm)

– The Expo Are will be open every day until 11:00 pm.

– To reach the Expo Area from the city center you should take the Suburban train Line.

– We really don’t suggest you to reach the Expo Area with Bus or private car, Expo2015 made studies and informed that from Milan City to Expo Area with bus or car will need 3 hours about.

– Entrance to the Pavillons is free

If you have already MilanoCard you can buy Expo tickets with -35% discount!

Send us an email at with the reference of your order purchased and we will send you a link to buy Expo tickets with discount!

Where to eat inside Expo Area

Have lunch at Eataly at Expo and taste the local italian gastronomy!

You can buy lunches at Expo Area (at Eataly) from us saving money, starting from 15€: if you want to have lunch at Expo, send us an email at and we will send you a voucher.

Show the voucher at Eataly and collect your meal saving money!


The price and offer is not the only one good reason to purchase MilanoExpoCard.

Our City Pass have a very good reputation that you can check by yourself. In fact MilanoCard received, since 2009, the official support of local administration (Regione Lombardia, Provice of Milan, City of Milan), and it is  the exclusive card of WECC for Official Delegations of Expo.

But is not enough, you can see by yourself the video review of our Testimonial – past customers -and of our Ambassador. Find below the best one and find more at this link


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