Monza: the city of the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

If you visit Milan you can not miss the opportunity to visit a beautiful city nearby: the city of Monza!


Monza is located just 20 minutes from Milan, it is easily reachable by train and has a lot to offer to tourists that want to make a day trip outside Milan.

What to see in Monza

Villa Reale of Monza

villa reale monzaMonza is the city where the Grand Prix take place but it has much more to offer such as the famous and astonishing Villa Reale of Monza, a large building in neoclassical style that was once a private residence before the real Austrian and then by the Italian royals and it now hosts exhibitions.

The Villa was realized by the imperial architect Piermarini, it is divided into 3 main blocks and has a U-shaped form and, even if it has an essential aspect it is inspired at the sumptuous Reggia di Caserta.

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There you can also find one of the biggest park in Europe where citizens use to go jogging or just relax and inside the park you can find the national autodrome, one of the most important in the world that hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Duomo of Monza

Another place we suggest you visiting in Monza is the stunning cathedral: the Duomo of Monza.

The Duomo of Monza was founded in the VI century by queen Teodolinda and dedicated to Saint Giovanni Battista, the patron of the city of Monza.

You will appreciate the great façade of the Duomo with its stripes made of bicolor marble and, if you enter inside, you won’t be disappointed as it is of an astonishing beauty with its decorations and colored windows.

Inside the Basilica you can also admire the huge painting that represents the Tree of Life on a shimmering gold background.

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Inside the big park you can find the National Autodrome of Monza which is famous worldwide for hosting the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1922.

The Autodrome was damaged during second world war and in 1948 started works aimed at repairing the damages.

The Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix is a world event gather thousands of passionate fans every year and this year it will take place on 5th, 6th and 7th of September.

If you like Formula 1 and you are in Milan in those dates in September you definetely can not miss the opportunity to take part to this world event!

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The new Civic Museum of Monza

The new Civic Museum of Monza include the collections of the Pinacoteca Civica and the Museo Storico dell’Arengario. They were founded in 1935 and were based on an important core of works from a collection bequeathed to the town in 1923 from the estate of Galbesi Segré.

Over time, the collections have been added to with works of art from donations and purchases, and represent a legacy of the most significant events in the artistic and cultural life of the town during the 20th century: the Biennale shows, the ISIA, the “Città di Monza” Painting Award, and more recently, the Biennale Giovani.

Among the art collections, paintings and sculptures by artists from Monza in the second half of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century are particularly noteworthy in terms of both quality and quantity. Also of great interests is the important collection of 20th-century drawings and graphics, which entered the collections through direct bequests from the artists or their heirs.

The Civic Museum of Monza have always held a large collection of antique and modern prints in the print room, the Gabinetto delle Stampe.

The current location in Via Teodolinda, the result of the redevelopment of an historic building belonging to the Humiliati religious order in the Middle Ages, is home to a collection of works emblematic of the history and cultural life of Monza.

A space for temporary exhibitions allows the museum to focus on and explore themes and artists linked to the works in the civic collections.

The museum also has a conference room, a documentation centre and a classroom to assist in its cultural events; it also organizes guided and educational tours and hosts temporary exhibitions.

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More info about the Civic Museum here: brochure_musei_civici_eng

Spend half-day between nature, sports, entertainment and culture in Monza!

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