QC Terme a Wonderlful Spa in Milan, Italy

QC Terme a Wonderlful Spa in Milan, Italy


We all know how beautiful is that sensation of relax that makes you getting away from the stress of everyday life but if you can also combine relax with health benefits, then even better!
In the Spas you can not only relax, either alone or in the company of friends, family or your partner, but also treat specific health problems thanks to the properties of thermal waters, of which the Italian territory is rich.
The benefits of thermal waters have been known since the times of the Romans who were the first to use Spas with waters and muds with healing properties such as the famous Baths of Caracalla, Diocletian and Trajan.

After spending an intense day going shopping or visiting the city, wouldn’t you like to relax in a beautiful Spa? MilanoCard gives you the unique opportunity to live a fantastic experience in the QCTerme Spa located in the heart of Milan inside the beautiful setting of Roman walls and gardens with a discount: here you can rest and recharge your batteries after spending a day exploring our wonderful city.
In this beautiful Spa of Milan you can find a magical atmosphere and choose between

  • whirlpools,
  • bio-saunas,
  • steam baths,
  • thematic relax rooms,
  • salt room,
  • special tailor made massages
  • the only biosauna in the world inside a tram.

You can try the exclusive wellness products of QC Terme cosmetic and enjoy the elegant aperitif buffet in a bath robe with beautiful lights effects and, from 7.30 pm you will end your special day listen to live music.
Moreover, during the day, the specialized staff organize events in the steam baths preparing hair masks and body wraps to be also done alone at home.
What are you waiting for? Come and live this unique experience with MilanoCard!



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