Roman Forum, Yoga and Dylan Dog

Roman Forum, Yoga and Dylan Dog: an exstraordinary weekend in Milan, here three things to do in Milan on 5th and 6th November 2016

During the weekend, Milan is never quiet: we have 3 occasions to discover special places of the city. Here 3 things to do this weekend.

#1. Special opening of Roman Forum of Milan

foro-romano-2Milan has his Roman Forum. This is the center of the city, where women and men passed here for century. Under the Ambrosiana Library, near the Crypt of Leonardo, you can discover the Roman Forum of Milan.

Special opening on 5th and 6th November 2016, from 12.00pm to 5.00 pm.

Crypt + Roman Forum: 11€. Save your money with your MilanoCard. Click here for more information.

Roman Forum: 3€

On 11th November 2016, as well as you walk in the old city center you can taste the recipes of Apicius and tasting the foods of ancient Rome.

roman forum“Degustazione apiciana” (Apiciana Tasting) on 11th November 2016: the aperitif of Milan.

The tasting lasts for 30 minutes.

Entrance to the Forum + tasting: 15€
For more info and booking:

#2. Yoga in Martesana

In Martesana you can do yoga and there is also an amphitheater.

A devised the format #FitAndHarmov is Myriam Daragona, mom and organizer of these two days, with the team of Martesangels.

A wellness weekend for the inhabitants of the district combined the opportunity to learn Cascina Martesana.

This is the program:

  • Saturday 5th November: yoga (until 9.00 pm)
  • Sunday 6th November: massages and spa treatments (until 8.00 pm)

From 2.00 pm.

#3. DYLAN DOG IN MOSTRA – 30 years of history honored by Comics Museum of Milan

30 tables at the Museum of Comics in Milan. Inaugurated on November 5, it continues until November 26, after a long silence – the new Dylan Dog of Tiziano Sclavi and Giampiero Casertano.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore and ideally continues the path begun by WOW Spazio Fumetto in 2011 with the great exhibition of “Dylan Dog: the nightmare of 25 years”.

Viale Campania, 12

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