Rooftop Milan: Art and aperitifs on the roofs of the city


Rooftop Milan: Art and aperitifs on the roofs of the city. Extraordinary programs on the Duomo, the bell tower of San Vittore, the Gallery, when?!

Rooftop Milan: Film on the rooftops of Highline Galleria of Milan

On May 6th will be the film ‘Film on the Roof’ film festival, with the most beautiful films of the last 20 years projected above the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.
Over 300 projections of Medusa Film, distributed in two areas capable of 25 people for each area.
The initiative is promoted by MilanoCard, in collaboration with Medusa Film,, GNStyle and sponsored by the Cultural Council of the Milan City Council. Short Programming Up

Rooftop Milan: Foresta di Pietra in Duomo

Rooftop MilanThe Veneranda Fabbrica of Duomo of Milan Organizes all Sundays, until mid May guided tours dedicated to children and families to celebrate Spring.

On 7th May, at 3.00 pm, the terracess will host Tra Guglie e doccioni, an impressive walk through 135 Guglie, 150 mouthpiece or mouth water, 96 giants and 14 rampant arches, to observe together the typical elements of Gothic architecture, projected in the exciting and multi-faceted landscape of the City of Milan.


Rooftop Milan: reopens the San Vittore Bell Tower

On the occasion of the patron saint of San Vittore, the bell tower of the Porziana Basilica of San Vittore al Corpo opens its doors to visitors on Saturday 6 May, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 17.00, with guided tours To groups. Free admission.

The bell tower of the Basilica of San Vittore is the only one of Milan restored according to philological criteria, preserving the possibility of manual sound.

An opportunity to know the area of San Vittore, which was home to some early Christian burial basilicas from the 4th century and the imperial mausoleum erected in the 4th century and remembered until the 16th century as a roundabout in St. Gregory. Of the old building, with an octagonal plan with semicircular niches, are visible the remains of the foundations under the façade of the basilica.

HISTORY. The first nucleus of the church dates back to the 8th century when a pre-existing building was enlarged to accommodate the relics of Saint Vittore and Satiro. In 1508, Olivetani monks started renovating the entire Benedictine complex, founded shortly after the thousand by Archbishop Arnolfo II. The church designed by Vincenzo Seregni in 1533, was completed later, though the facade was unfinished, with the contribution of Pellegrino Tibaldi, Martino Bassi and Galeazzo Alessi. Inside you can admire the extraordinary wooden chorus, the splendid musician Angels, frescoed in 1617 on the dome by Moncalvo, the chapel Arese, added in 1669 by Girolamo Quadrio, and canvasses by Camillo Procaccini, Francesco Cairo, Daniele Crespi and Ambrogio Figino.

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