Rossini Art Site: an art park to discover between Milan and Monza

Rossini Art Site

Rossini Art Site: a few miles from Milan there is a park where pony and horse burns blessed in the middle of a breathtaking contemporary art collection.

Rossini Art Site. It takes half an hour from Milan

rossiniAnd in fact the location is also convenient for those coming from Monza or Lecco. There is also a beautiful bike path for those who want to combine healthy mens in healthy body.

You must climb on the hills of Brianza, leave behind the city and immerse yourself in the greenery of the meadows and in the blue of the most beautiful spring days to be in this 10 hectare sculpture park created a decade ago Will of the founder, Alberto Rossini, and today carried forward with passion from the children and the whole family.

Rossini Art Site is a Lombard story, family. Rossini Art Site is an international story

Everything starts with the founder, Alberto Rossini.

Lover of art and feverish work, he is the one to bring the Ranger company of Castelletto Cervo, located not far from the classic Briantea villa lying in the hills and from which the first nucleus of the park was born, so the Rossini Art Site .

What do you have in common with a company of reinforced plastic materials and composite materials and contemporary art?

Flexibility. Experimentation. Contamination. The creation. The savoir faire.

Some works set up in the big park were born in the ‘Rossini’ factory. Others, have been designed together. However, the whole park reflects the founder’s desire to create a flexible and welcoming space where a vast and heterogeneous audience can experience something unconventional, between modern, contemporary, site-specific art.

A charming and somewhat magical place where art and knowledge blend with the pleasure of being outdoors, immersing in the flora and fauna of a sweet and relaxing landscape, overwhelmed but delicately from the elegant pavillion of access to the park.

Works by New York architect James Wines, exponent of Green Architecture, the pavilion is a glass and cement cube perfectly integrated into the environment and surrounding architecture, which is used for locations of lucky weddings, important birthdays, performances and exhibitions of the nascent Pietro Rossini Foundation.

Rossini Art Site: from the park to the Foundation

As Rossini Art Site was born in a dynamic and changing way, open to new stimuli through the acquisition and collaboration with internationally renowned artists, so the nascent Foundation, under the artistic direction of Francesca Guerisoli, offers a program of exhibitions , Initiatives, workshops, workshops, moments of encounter, which integrates and enriches the permanent collection.

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