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saint ambrose basilica milan

Saint Ambrose Basilica Milan

The Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio was originally built in the late 4th century. It was first known as the Basilica Martyrum due to the numbers of martyrs of the Roman persecution buried on the site, but was later renamed after Saint Ambrose, the man who had ordered its construction.

The church has been rebuilt and added to many times over the centuries, with much of the building you can see today dating from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Who was Saint Ambrose?

golden altar of Saint Ambrose Basilica Milan

Aurelius Ambrosius was born around the year 340 in Trier. He became Bishop of Milan in 374. This was a time of deep conflict in the church between the Catholics and the Arians. Ambrose, who at that time had not even been baptized, only went to the church to prevent trouble. However, he was chosen as bishop by popular acclaim and the appointment was approved by the emperor.

As Bishop of Milan, he was known for his generosity to the poor, and he built several churches, including the one that now bears his name. He died in 397 and has been venerated since then.

Visiting the Saint Ambrose Basilica Milan, one of the top ranked Milan attractions 

The Basilica of Sant Ambrogio can’t miss in your agenda about things to do in Milan and represent a very plus for Milan tourism  .

Inside the Basilica today, visitors come to admire the frescos on the walls and the magnificent Ciborium, a canopy over the golden altar that is decorated with pictures from the life of Christ and Saint Ambrose .

In the crypt, you can see the remains of Saint Ambrose himself, still dressed in his bishop’s regalia. Two other saints, Saint Gervasius and Saint Protasius, are also entombed there, and there are fine collections of tapestries, paintings and mosaics. For information on visiting the museum of Sant Ambrogio at a 50% discount or even for free with your MilanoCard, click here.

The Basilica is open to visitors daily, and worshippers can also attend Mass there at various times throughout the day. Click here to the official website

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