Are you a football lover? Discover the San Siro Museum and the AC Milan Museum!

San Siro Museum

If you are going to visit Milan and if you are a football lover, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the history of the two great teams in Milan, A.C. Milan and Inter.

Milan hosts two museums dedicated to the history of football, the San Siro Museum and the AC Milan Museum. Below you can discover information about these two museums.

San Siro Museum        

Stadium Giuseppe Meazza, known as San Siro, is a football stadium in Milan and hosts the Inter and Milan teams. In 2009, the British newspaper The Times called it the second most beautiful stadium in the world.

San Siro MuseumIn 1925, Piero Pirelli, the current president of Milan, funded the construction of the stadium. The project was entrusted to engineer Alberto Cugini and architect Ulisse Stacchini. The inauguration took place on 19th September 1926 with a friendly match between Inter and Milan, won by blueblack. In 1935, the San Siro Stadium was purchased by the City of Milan. In 1955, the stadium was expanded to accommodate 85,000 fans and the structure was upgraded. In 1980, the San Siro Stadium was dedicated to Giuseppe Meazza, footballer of both teams and two-time champion of the world. In 1990, at the FIFA World Cup, the City of Milan decided to build a third ring and cover all seats. Eleven concrete cylindrical towers were built, giving access to the steps.

At the San Siro Museum, each visitor has the opportunity to visit places normally unavailable to the public: changing rooms, mixed areas, stands and experiencing the thrill of crossing the Champion tunnel and accessing the Playground. Every day you can visit the museum.

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AC Milan Museum

San Siro MuseumThe AC Milan Museum is an exhibition experience that hosts team trophies and tells its story through rare historical memorabilia and interactive technologies. It offers an experience that revives the emotions of one hundred and six seasons of Redblack history. From the Gallery of the Champions to the Golden Ball Hall, from the Trophies Hall with the most important cups won by Milan to the holographic theater so far: memories and testimonies blend into the objects that have made Rossoneri history in a crescendo of emotions.

The museum was wanted by the former managing director of Milan Barbara Berlusconi and was designed by Fabio Novembre. The square opposite the entrance to the AC Milan Museum hosts a sculpture by Emilio Isgrò Grande cancellatura per Giovanni Testori (Great erasure for Giovanni Testori).

You can reach the AC Milan Museum by taking the red metro and going down to the Lotto stop, or taking the lilla metro and descending at the Portello stop. Thanks to your MilanoCard, join the AC Milan Museum with public transport in Milan (click here and find out how).

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