Skyscrapers in Milan

Skyscrapers in Milan

Skyscrapers in Milan , are you ready for a memorable tour in the sky of Milan ?

unicredit tower

Looking up in the city, you are likely to be struck by the skyline of skyscrapers in Milan. Unlike most other Italian cities, Milan’s views are dominated by these towering giants of modern architecture, giving it a unique feel as ancient and modern wonders stand side by side.

Milan’s highest buildings

Since the second half of the 20th century, the number of skyscrapers in Milan has gradually increased. Traditionally, no building in Milan is supposed to be higher than the Golden Madonna on top of the cathedral, but in recent years many buildings have sprung up that have rivalled or even surpassed this in height.

Six skyscrapers to look out for

  • The UniCredit building was the highest building in Italy before the Dritto Tower , located in City Life Area , was completed few months ago . Headquarters of the UniCredit Bank, this building was designed by the architect César Pelli and was completed in October 2011. Look out for it at night when the spire is lit up by colourful LED lights.skyscrapers in Milan - bosco verticale
  • Bosco Verticale (literally Vertical Forest) is a pair of unusual residential blocks. On the balconies are 1,000 different species of trees, plants and shrubs, leaving an impression of a forest growing into the sky. Declared the best skycrapers in the world
  • The Velasca Tower is one of Milan’s older skyscrapers, dating from the 1950s. The medieval-style architecture of this building bridges the gap between the ancient and modern towers of Milan.
  • The Breda Tower is another skyscraper from the 1950s. At 117 metres, it was once the tallest building in Italy and was the first building in Milan to surpass the height of the Golden Madonna.
  • Torre Diamante (Diamond Tower) is the one of the highest steel building in Italy at 140 metres. Completed in 2012, the building gets its name from its multifaceted shape.
  • Branca Tower is the first skyscraper in Milan at 108 meters , is an iron tower realized by Gio Ponti in ’30s of nintheen century located in the heart of Parco Sempione few steps from Triennale.

The best location to have a full overview of Milan and its skyscrapers is the Highline Galleria the amazing walking path over the roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (entrance: Via Silvio Pellico 2) . With Milan City Pass is possibile to have free access to the rooftop of Galleria and to enjoy the best panoramic view and to see the skyscrapers .

Getting around

Before travelling to Milan, don’t forget to buy a MilanoCard the local city pass to give you free public transport in Milan, leaving you free to enjoy viewing these awe-inspiring towers.

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