The Branca Tower

The Branca Tower

20130321_105005 Torre Branca e grattacieli di Porta NuovaRising above the trees of Parco Sempione is the Branca Tower. Constructed of steel, this panoramic tower offers some of the best views over the city of Milan. In the summer months, the 108.6 metre tower is open Tuesday to Sunday and stays open into the night. Opening hours are reduced in the winter, and in severe weather the tower is closed.

If you have a Milan City Pass, you can visit the tower at a reduced rate or even for free. Click here for more information.

The history of the tower

The Branca Tower was constructed in 1933 for the 5th Triennale. It was designed by the architect Giò Ponti and was originally known as Torre Littoria. After the Second World War, the tower was renamed Torre Parco. It remained open until 1972, when it was declared unsafe for visitors. It reopened as the Torre Branca in 2002, having been reconstructed by the Branca Company, and remains one of Milan’s top tourist attractions.

Visiting todaytorre_branca_2                                               

Visitors today can still take the elevator up to the viewing platform. At 97 metres, the views from the platform are stunning. Landmarks that can be easily seen include Sforza Castle and the Madonnina on top of the cathedral as well as the futuristic skyscrapers that make up Milan’s modern skyline. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Alps.

For refreshments, visit the Just Cavalli Café at the foot of the tower. There are many other attractions close by, including Sforza Castle, the Triennale Design Museum and an aquarium. Sempione Park itself, with its flower beds, ponds and playgrounds, is a great place to relax or to allow children to let off some steam! Whatever else you do that day, your visit to the Branca Tower is sure to be one of the highlights.

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