The Milan app to bring in 2017

Milan app

Milan has been a rich year in terms of creativity, of startup, of useful projects to live in an increasingly social our city. Here you can discover the Milan app born in the city or  that will serve us to live even better in 2017.

#1. VisitMilano

A tourist app, that official Comune of di Milano.
It provides geo information and constantly updated to find things you are looking for; constantly updated about events calendar with information on dates, times and location; discover the places not to be missed and the most suitable routes to their interests;follow what’s happening in the creative fashion and design Milan; purchase tickets directly to metro, tram and bus; find the best routes to move easily in the city; find stations of “BikeMi” closest to get around town with Bike Sharing; share the travel experience; save your favorite content and receive information on what is most interesting.


In the capital of sharing economy you can not miss the most downloaded app among aggregators of shared mobility.
To attribute it this record is the Primo Rapporto Nazionale (First National Report) on sharing mobility.
Born in 2014 as BAT SHARING from group, today URBI can join the principal system of urban mobility and share – car, bike, scooter sharing, taxi, Uber and public transport – with the aim of simplifying the user the utilization of the services of urban mobility.
It is able to provide the same, widespread service in eleven of the main Italian cities, like Rome, Milan and Turin, seven in Germania and Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stoccolma, Madrid and Vienna.

Enjoy your visit in Milan thanks MilanoCard. With the Milan City Pass you can use on all the public transport of the urban area of the city. Click here for more information.

#3. SenticheMilano

Feel that Milan is the digital map of 169 music venues in Milan,between 8 musical craft activities, 25 stores tools or cds and vinyls, 15 music theaters, 7 churches and Cantantibus organis, 9 music museums and historic houses, 28 rooms, 21 music schools, 23 recording studios, 19 radio and 14 record labels.

milan appThe course of Turismo Culturale e Sviluppo del Territorio (Cultural Tourism and Territorial Development) of  Cattolica University, curato dal titolare del corso, Giovanni Bozzetti, with the coordination of Alessandra Cutaia and Alessandra Ricci, with the self-production of female students and students of degree courses in Economia e gestione dei beni culturali (Economy and Management of Cultural Heritage) and Comunicazione per l’impresa e i media (Communication for the enterprise and the media) have mapped the main landmarks in the musical background of the city.
To being surveyed were more than three hundred places of music.

To listen to them all, Senti che Milano is a playlist of 53 “Milan” songs, available in full on Spotify.

#4. Galleria Campari

Even the classic Milanese aperitif opens the App.
“Galleria Campari” is a multimedia container which aims to enrich the experience of visiting the Galleria Campari in Sesto San Giovanni and his wife, and make available its historical archive.
The sections: Virtual Experience, interactive tour devoted to the discovery of the permanent collection of Galleria; Visita the Galleria; I Colori del Rosso, virtual tour of the exhibition of 2015 “I colori del rosso”; Spazio Davide Campari, devoted to the area of the Headquarters and services offered.

If you are looking for a very special Aperitif in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, you can not miss the magnificent “Duomo 21 Terrace, Restaurant & Lounge”.  With your MilanoCard you can get entrance at Highline Galleria and Aperitif at Duomo21 at only 16€! Click here for more information.

#5. Starly

The app is a website and app useful to discover and meet compatible partners on the basis of astrology and horoscope. An algorithm is able to compare interests, friendliness, attractiveness, and then match as possible profiles registered to the same community.

#6. Meetale

It was born in Milan from Puglia parents.
The startup Meetale is a digital incubator for writers.
It is a juke box for those who want to write lyrics, get noticed by major publishers, participate in essay contest to showcase their talents.
But it is also a resource for talent scouts to hunt pen bestseller of tomorrow.
The new app is intended for online reading or downloading free eBooks.


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