The Milan Pass

the milan pass

Milan is in your hands!

Did you know that the MilanoCard , the Milan Pass for visitors of Milan , was born in 2009 from a brilliant private young intuition.

In fact, while almost every important city has its own City Card Pass, Milan, one of the most important Italian tourist destinations, didn’t have it even if it had a lot to offer and to be visited!

So, since 2009, thanks to more and more commercial agreements with important city’s tourist attractions partners,  MilanoCard, the Milan pass, has became the official city card and one of the most important player in Milan’s tourism sector with more and more offices in the most crowded places in Milano (MilanTourismPoint at Central Railway Station, at the Mthe milan passalpensa Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Linate Airport and Bergamo Orio Al serio Airport.

MilanoCard is a great deal for you! It offers free Milan public transport thanks to the agreement with the local transportation company ATM and free entry or important reduction in over 20 top Milan Museums, but also reduced prices also in over  500 attractions, hotels, tours, such as the TraMilano Hop on Hop Off city tour with historical tram n.1, restaurants, tickets  for events, ticket for trains and airport buses and many more services and benefits also in other cities in Lombardy but also in Venice, Rome and Florence.

MilanoCard, the Milan Pass, is personal, it costs 7 € for 24 h, 13 € for 3 days (48 h of transportation and full days of discounts) and 19€ for 72h and includes MilanoCard guide, transportation ticket, the travel card and a map (only for bookings online). The transportation ticket is valid for 24h, 48h, 72h depending on the card you bought,  from the moment you validate it for the first time in the little machines you can find in every public transport (you need to validate the ticket every time on the underground and just once on metro and trams) and you have to show the MilanoCard to our services partner to get discounts. Children up to 10 years old are free!

How to buy the Milan Pass

It is very easy to buy MilanoCard!

You can buy the Pass online through our website paying by credit card and choose to collect it at different pick up points: our office Ticketmi – MilanTourismPoint at Central Railway Station, at mezzanine level, or at the Autostradale office at the airports – Malpensa Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, Linate and Orio al Serio- (2 € extra on total cost, not on the card’s price, for the delivery of the cards from our headquarter to the other offices excluding MilanoCard 72h) or at your hotel (5€ extra on total cost for the delivery).

Then we will send you a link where you can put all the info about your arrival date and hour and pick up point and then you will get a confirmation mail.

Even if you buy online at night or just few hours before your arrival you will receive your cards at our offices.

Pick up point Opening Hours:

  • Autostradale Office at Bergamo Orio Al serio Airport : 07.00 – 01.00 am INFO>
  • Autostradale Office at Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 : 08.00 – 21.00 INFO>
  • Autostradale Office at Malpensa  Airport Terminal 2:  08.00 – 21.00 INFO>
  • Autostradale Office at Linate Airport: 09.00 – 19 and at week end: 9.00 – 16.00 INFO>
  • MilanTourismPoint at Highline Galleria, via Silvio Pellico 2, 4th floor :10.00 – 21.00 INFO>
  • Agenzie 365 at Milan Central Station, Gallerie delle Carrozze, ground floor : 8.30 – 19.00 INFO>

See how to buy rapidly the card

Special benefits for online purchase

If you buy the Pass online you will get special benefits!

You will get a city map for free and you can collect a free handmade Panettone, the official sweet of Milan at famous Vergani Pastry shop.

Moreover, If you buy MilanoCard, the Milan Pass, online you will start to save immediately at your arrival for airport bus, private driver (2 rides free), hotels and trains if you come from other cities where you can use MilanoCard.

If you visit other cities where you can use MilanoCard, before collecting your MilanoCard just send us an email at and we will send you a voucher with your reservation code so that you can start enjoying all the benefits and discounts that MilanoCard offers you in all the cities.

Any kind of tourist you are, MilanoCard has specific services for you!

Do You travel with your family?

The Pass offers you a lot of services to help families who want to visit the city such as Tours and guided tours with professional guides specialized in assisting children and with a pedagogical approach, Strollers Rental and services for children, baby sitter services,  over 150 restaurants in Milan with dedicated services for children and museums with special services and activities for children.

Are you a food and wellness lover?

The Pass offers you great food and wellness experiences such as the possibility to book online our 450 restaurants partner with dedicated menu at special prices, up to 70% off discounts for cooking lessons and bars, the possibility to get a free handmade Panettone at the historical Vergani pastry shop and 10 % discount on typical Milanese breakfast there.

Thanks to a new special agreement you can taste the real Italian food at Eataly’s restaurant, in the new Brian&Barry Building at Piazza San Babila and, with MilanoCard, you will receive a FREE pack of handmade Pasta (500g).


Moreover, wellness lovers have discounts for a beautiful spa located in the city center inside roman walls and on bike rentals.

Are you a culture and music lover?

Milan and Lombardy are rich of Art and culture and with the Milan Pass you have discounts in top museums of the city, tours of the city churches, discounts for visiting cultural attractions in other cities in Lombardy and tickets for music events.

At museums you will have the discount from 10% to 100%. Some of the museums partner are for example the Triennale Design Museum (-20%), the Museum of Scala Theatre (-35%), Last Supper (according to availability and included in the TraMilano Hop on Hop Off city tour with historical tram n.1), Duomo terraces (you can decide to buy duomo terraces’ tickets on our website and save 10% on Duomo Ticket) and many more important museums (21 museums in Milan).

Did you know that in Milan tourists usually visit an average of 2 museums?

So choose the museum that is more interesting for you!

House–museums – Great Opportunity!A house-museum is a house that has been transformed into a museum.In Milan you can find many house-museums where you can also eat such as the beautiful Villa Necchi Campiglio that has conserved its original style that reflects the upper-middle class life of the period and also contains a rich collection of art from the 18th to the 20th centuries. The Villa is property of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano).-30% everyday with MilanoCard, on Fridays -50% 

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum is another house-museum reaaly woth visiting  and  worldly well-known, great paintings by masters such as Botticelli and Raffaello and collections of arms and armours, glass, porcelain, clocks and sundials, textiles, jewellery and furniture and much more. The Museum also organizes exhibitions and conference.

-33% everyday with MilanoCard

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is locatedin the heart of Milan and is one of the finest museum-homes in Europe. Here you can find many fascinating rooms with 19th century interiors full of collections of Renaissance such as paintings, wood carvings, weapons and armour, ceramic and glass wares, artifacts in gold and ivory, tapestries and much more.

 -25% with MilanoCard , the Milan pass

Another house-museum not to be missed is the Boschi Di Stefano house museum which contains an extraordinary collection of private italian art of the XX century such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and fine furniture.


25% discount is for the house-museum cumulative ticket (Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Villa Necchi Campiglio, Bagatti Valsecchi Museum and Boschi di Stefano house museum)

Are you a Shopping Lover?

Milan is the capital of shopping and of course MilanoCard offers special benefits for you such as the TraMilano Shopping Express, a bus that brings you directly to Fidenza Village Chic Outlet  that runs daily from central station, discounts in the Salvagente Outlet and Boggi stores, and for gadget at Ferrari Store, Inter, Milan and Juventus Store, La  Scala shop and also gadgets of Milan!

Are you a football lover?

if you are a football lover Milan and MilanoCard are perfect for you!

The Pass offers discounts for Tour of San Siro Stadium (you will also have the possibility to walk in the football field!),  Museum of San Siro Stadium and also discounts at Inter Store, Milan Store, Juventus Store and tickets for football matches, yes, really, you will be able to attend a real football match, saving on the official price.

You can decide to buy tickets for tour of San Siro at our office in central railway station and skip the line or buy them directly at the stadium with discount.

People with disabilities

MilanoCard has expanded its services to people with disabilities both motor and sensory.

Thanks to the partnership with companies and organizations specialized in this sector, MilanoCard is able to offer a wide range of proposals, services and benefits for people with disabilities such as

  • Rental of equipped vehicles for disabled people
  • Certificated Hotel reservation with access and facilities for disabled people
  • Specialized tour guides for people with sensory disabilities of vision and hearing
  • Over 50 restaurants with access for motor and foot disabilities, with reduced prices for MilanoCard. Book from and save up to 70%.

And, after Milan…  Italy is waiting for you!

You can use your MilanoCard also in Italy for a great complete experience!

Thanks to this Milan Pass you have -30 % off on high speed train to Venice, Florence and Rome.

If you visit other cities, where you can use MilanoCard, before collecting your MilanoCard just send us a email at and we will send you a voucher with your reservation code so that you can start enjoying all the benefits and discounts that MilanoCard offers you.

Venice: MilanoCard includes a very wide range of services and discounts, here they are!

  • -15% for high speed train from Milan to Venice
  • -15% Peggy Guggenheim Museum
  • -15% for 25 top tours in the city
  • -25% for Palazzo Ducale
  • -25% for Museo Correr
  • -25% for Museo archeologico nazionale
  • -25% for Sale monumentali biblioteca Marciana,
  • -25% for Ca’ Rezzonico
  • -25% for Casa Goldoni
  • -25% for Ca’ Pesaro + Museo Orientale,
  • -25% for Museo del Vetro di Murano,
  • -25% for Museo del Merletto di Burano,
  • -25% for Museo di Storia Naturale
  • -35% for Santa Maria del Giglio
  • -35% for Museo di Santo Stefano
  • -35% Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
  • -35% Santa Maria Formosa
  • -35% Santa Maria dei Miracoli
  • -35% San Giovanni Elemosinario
  • -35% San Polo
  • -35% San Giacomo dall’Orio
  • -35% San Stae
  • -35% Sant’Alvise
  • -35% San Pietro di Castello
  • -35% Santissimo Redentore
  • -35% Santa Maria del Rosario
  • -35% San Sebastiano
  • -35% San Giobbe
  • -10% Boggi Store
  • Rome:  if you are in Italy you can not miss a visit to the capital! With MilanoCard you have benefits to visit the masterpieces of the city (find the discounted tickets/tour at Agenzie365 in Stazione Termini)  and discounts in more than 180 resturants.
  • Florence: with MilanoCard you will enjoy a 20% discount on 20 tours of the city and Tuscany, the priority access to Uffizi and Accademia Gallery and reduction on the buses to the airports.
  • Bergamo: add 8 € more and you will get Bergamo Welcome Kit (transport, museums free and much more benefits)
  • Como and Maggiore Lakes: with MilanoCard  20 % discount for cruises on those two lakes
  • Monza: -Discount for visiting the royal apartments of the Villa Reale in Monza, discount for visiting the Duomo Museum of Monza, discount for the entrance at the Autodrome of Monza, discount forthe civic museum of Monza
  • Pavia: we are working for a special offer for this city for MilanoCard holders
  • Cremona: -30% discount in the Violin Museum
  • Varese: Reduced ticket for Museum Pogliaghi at Sacro Monte of Varese

Why MilanoCard is a great deal!

This card gives you the possibility, for a great affordable price, to choose what you want to visit (in Milan tourists usually visit an average of only 2 museums) and you don’t need to worry about having to visit what you are not really interested in just because you paid the card.

This tourist card is convenient for tourists that want to feel free to choose what they want to visit and want to have a wide range of services, benefits and attractions to choose

Do you know how much you will save with MilanoCard?

  • CITY MAP (FREE if you buy the card online)
  • MUSEUMS (average discount 40% or free entry
  • Example of Museums:
  • Leonardo3 Museum (price 12 € – with MilanoCard -50% off)
  • Museo Diocesano (price 8 € – with MilanoCard -50% off)
  • AIRPORT BUS (Save 10 €)
  • RESTAURANTS (with MilanoCard save up to 70%)
  • CITY TOUR (with MilanoCard save 13%)
  • SHOPPING (with MilanoCard save 15%)
  • HIGH SPEED TRAIN TO ITALY (with MilanoCard save 15%)


Of course you know that Milan will host The Universal Expositionon 2015 focused on food and that will take place from May till October 2015 but did you know that we are Authorised reseller Expo and that you will have the possibility to buy the new MilanoCard Expo Pass?

The MilanoCard Expo Pass gives you all the services that offers MilanoCard and also entrance at the exhibition site, fast track, events and guided tours onsite.


Soon online the offer!

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy Milan with MilanoCard!

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