Top 17 local tapas for a Spanish aperitif in Milan

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paelllaOn 16th June “Tapas day” is back, the international day of Tapas. In Italy, the festivities were in Milan and Rome. Here are the best places to taste Tapas all the year!

“The tapa was born as a gastronomic concept in XX century and it is booming in the XXI century. The consumption of tapas goes beyond the concept of eating a small portion of food : we are talking about a way of “eating drinking and sharing” which is part of the Mediterranean diet, a form of experiencing the world, experience of social sharing and matching of a drink and a food” which of course it could not be celebrated in Milan, home of the aperitif.

After the lucky edition of 2015, the Tapas day came back on 16th June 2016.

Here you can discover top 17 local tapas for a Spanish aperitif in Milan! 

#1. Goat and cabbage

capraecavoli_internoThis is one of the best veg local of the city ( in January, it participated  also to the transmission of Alessandro Borghese on Sky 1 “The four restaurants” dedicated to vegetarian restaurants).
For the aperitif of those who love the Isola neighborhood in Milan, it has recently launched the “OND”.
Every day you can choose a glass of good wine from small wine list, and enjoy four proposals for tapas, every day different : one of fish, one vegetarian and two vegan, cook with passion and creativity of the chef Luca Giovanni Pappalardo.
via Pastrengo, 18


A modern version of tapas, without ever losing sight of the tradition of Spanish flavors: “our purpose is to visit some classic offering new and unusual combinations to invent the culinary masterpieces in miniature.

Via Lecco, 15 – 20124 MILANO (MI)


2014 arrives in Milan, n the occasion of the 166th anniversary of the Five Days of Milan and in the innovative Porta Nuova area, with Eataly Smeraldo.
Some tapas of this place:
– Gilda (anchovies, green peppers and olives) at the “Eataly”
– Duet of anchovies and pepper
– Tuna belly salad
– Bread, ham and tomato
– Russian salad
– Galician octopus (Restaurant at the 2nd floor)
– Tartlets codfish (Restaurant at the 2nd floor)
– “Patatas bravas” (Restaurant of the see, 1st floor)
Piazza XXV Aprile, 10 – 20142 MILANO (MI)


Specialized in the sale via internet, fast delivery .
Some tapas of this place:
– Tapa cheese and anchovies
– Tapaof tortilla “morcilla”
– Galician “Empanada”
– Tapa cheese and “chorizo”
– Tapas cheese and “lomo”

Viale Premuda, 1


spanish aperitifInspired to the numerous Pulperiespirato meet on the Camino de Santiago, the Pulperia is a meeting place for lovers of sociality, of good food and good music.
Some tapas of this place:
– Marinated anchovies
– Galician octopus
– Salt cod creamed
– Fresh cuttlefish in its black

Via Piero della Francesca, 75


Las Bravas is the first tapas food truck in Italy, where you can enjoy Spanish cuisine in movement. In Città Studi, from 7.00 pm,you will find the perfect match,the flavors of Spain and the good wine enoteca- library “Nuvole in cantina”
Some tapas of this place:
– “Patatas bravas”
– Croquettes of Jamón
– Bruschetta of Jamón Serrano Teruel DOP and tomato
– Cheese “La Peral” with smoked salmon and leek sprouts
– Peppers of “Piquillo” stuffed with cod

c/o Eno-Libreria “Nuvole in Cantina” Via Canaletto, 11 – Milano


The JIGGER Food & Cocktail Bar offers a unique experience in a typical refined local 20s and 30s.ou can enjoy tapas prepared by Crespi Chef with ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine.
Some tapas of this place:
– Green beans with bacon with crunchy nuts sword
– “Marmitako” of squid potatoes and sweet paprika
– Fried vegetables with yoghurt cream with garlic and chives
– “Cecina de Leon” with cheese mousse and fried bread
– Poached egg with asparagus and crispy prawn

Via Masaccio, 19


Radio Rooftop Milan Is a unique space in a dynamic and selected atmosphere, where you can taste international tapas whilst admiring the beautiful view of the skyline.
Some tapas of this place:
– Grilled octopus, “chorizo”, green sauce
- “Gazpacho” of tomato , tuna, avocado cream
– Marinated olives, oranges, mint, fennel
– “Marinada” of yellowtail, lemon caviar, radishes

Via Marco Polo 18 bars.html


The management of the Mudec bistro is entrusted to Enrico Bartolini.
The bistro is characterized with an offer smart, from breakfast and gourmet lunch until the aperitif “contemporary classic”, traditional with innovative accents that everyone can appreciate.
Continues the dinner service with a special proposal linked to the concept of “Bistekka”.
Some tapas of this place:
– Yellowtail carpaccio with lime, juniper and green apples
– Asparagus, capers and anchovies from the Cantabrian
– Paella “to leap” with small crustaceans
– Bread and tomato contemporary

Via Tortona, 56 


L’NH Collection Milano President, located right in the heart of Milan, is the flagship of brand NH Collection, just five minutes walk from piazza Duomo, from  Teatro alla Scala and the fashion district

Largo Augusto, 10


L’hotel NH Milano Palazzo Moscova is the ideal place for both the business traveler and leisure, near Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi and the futuristic skyscrapers Porta Nuova.


NH Milano Touring is a hotel that lets you choose between classic and contemporary design.The restaurant is an elegant venue in the Art Deco style that offers delicious Italian and international cuisine.


Nhow Milano, hotel unconventional, cosmopolitan and always on the move where fashion and design come together. Reference point for cultural, social and artistic movements of Milan, expresses a new way to enjoy life, introducing a new level of hospitality.
Some tapas of NH Hotels:
– “Patatas Bravas”
– Bruschetta with Jamón Pata Negra Bellota, tomatoes and capers
– Mini sandwiches of squid with mayonnaise sauce, garlic and ginger
–Chicken nuggets
– Tuna salad and crusty bread
– “Salmorejo” (cold soup) at the Cordovan with ham Jamón Pata Negra
– Cheese skewers with peppers of “Piquillo”
Viale Monte Grappa 12 – 20124 MILANO (MI)
Via Ugo Tarchetti, 2 20121 Milano – Italia
Via Tortona 35 20144 Milano – Italia


To Chef Ricardo “tapas” which will kick off through a typical Spanish flavor, decorating your table.
Some tapas of this place::
– Seppia alla piastra con salsa verde
– Champignon con cipolla caramellata e formaggio caprino con paprika
– Tapa di pollo marinato

Via Guido Cavalcanti, 4


An innovative space in the multifaceted area of Chinatown.
Some tapas of this place::
– Marinated anchovies
– Galician octopus
– Russian salad
– Gulas (eels) with garlic
Via Alfredo Albertini, 9


A multifunctional factory where live a coworking, pivate offices, a shop and where take place cultural events such asworkshop, showcase and exhibitions.

Via Paladini, 8


It is a unique model of entertainment for the city of Milan.

V.le Toscana, 31 – 20141

Some tapas of this place:
– Tortilla of potetos
– Galician octopus
– Meatballs with “gazpacho”


We do not find in the list of Tapas Day, but it is the new local Brera cult. Between tapas and rice dishes, it is greatfor lunch and aperitif.
Via San Carpoforo,4


Do we need to add something?
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 14

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