Villa Necchi Campiglio

villa necchi campiglio

Villa Necchi Campiglio: discover a wonderful villa in Milan!


Not far from the city centre, an austere enclosure wall hides the surprising Villa Necchi Campiglio, lodged within the colours, the scents and the tranquillity of an amazing garden.

This house was designed during the 1930s by Piero Portaluppi for the sisters Nedda and Gigina Necchi and Gigina’s husband, Angelo Campiglio, after they had decided to move to Milan from Pavia.

The architect, freed from any creative or economic constraints, conceived for the Necchi-Campiglio family a true country house in the middle of the city, equipped with tennis court, heated swimming pool and every cutting-edge technology available at that time.

Costly materials, meticulous design and an avant-garde architectural approach all make this residence a not-to-be-missed milestone on your tour of Milan.

The Villa Necchi Campiglio is an accurate portrait of a historic period and of a bygone way of life.

Realising that they were living in a real work of art, the Villa’s owners decided to leave property to FAI, the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, to ensure that, after having welcomed aristocrats, industrial leaders, and crowned heads during their lifetime, it would carry on with its role of welcoming guests for many more years.

Alongside its residential quarters, the Villa is a house museum, which contains the extraordinary early 20th-century art collection of Claudia Gian Ferrari and the collection of 18th-century decorative arts and paintings assembled by Emilietta and Alighiero De Micheli.

At the end of a visit to the Villa, one may rest in the garden in the shade of the giant magnolias, stroll along pathways punctuated by hydrangeas or sip a coffee in the café.

Visitors with  MilanoCard can easily reach the Villa from either the Palestro or San Babila stops on Line 1 of the metro and receive a 30% discount on their admission tickets. (On Fridays the discount is 50%.)

Upon request, special family tours of the Villa may be arranged!

Come and discover this wonderful hidden treasure!


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