Visit Milan’s Chinatown

Visit Milan’s Chinatown

Updated guide to Visit Milan’s Chinatown

Discover one of the most characteristic area of Milan

chinatownIt is not as large or as old as Chinatowns in other cities, but nonetheless, it is still worth a visit. The first Chinese immigrants came to Milan in the 1920s, but it was not until 1979 that the numbers increased. Today, the Chinese community in Milan numbers about 221,000 and Milan’s Chinatown has become a busy commercial district. It is easy to get to Milan’s Chinatown from any other part of Milan using Milan’s extensive public transport network. Buy a MilanoCard, the city pass that enables you to travel for free on Milan public transport and entitles you to discounts at shops, restaurants and attractions.

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What to do in Chinatown


It is well worth browsing the shops of Milan’s Chinatown, where you may be able to find authentic Asian products that cannot be found elsewhere in Italy. The area is particularly known for its textiles, especially silk and leatherwork.

This is also the place to come to buy genuine Chinese food in both shops and restaurants. The Milan restaurants are open earlier than traditional Italian restaurants – ideal if you prefer an early dinner.

Special times to visit


Milan’s Chinatown particularly comes alive during the numerous Chinese festivals of the year, as the locals celebrate their cultural traditions. There are parades in the streets and shops may sell traditional foods for the season. Festivals include:

  • Chinese New Year. Celebrated at the end of January or beginning of February each year, this is the biggest celebration. Street performers and a dragon parade can be seen.
  • Lantern Festival. This marks the end of the New Year celebrations. Visit Milan’s Chinatown after dark to enjoy the full effect of this day.
  • Hungry Ghost Festival. This is celebrated in July or August and is one of the Chinese festivals to celebrate the ancestors.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in September or October. It is a particularly important festival for family reunions.
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