What can you see at Sforza Castle?

What can you see at Sforza Castle?

What can you see at Sforza Castle?

Sforza Castle is Milan’s fifteenth century ducal castle and is one of Milan’s top tourist attractions. It can be entered from Sempione Park and the castle grounds are free to walk around. There is a charge to enter the Sforza castle and visit the museums, but with MilanoCard you can get “Tourist MuseumCard” and visit all the civic museums of Milan, click here for more information.

Sforza Castle in the past

sforza castleThe Sforza castle that can be seen today was built on the site of a fourteenth century castle. It was rebuilt in the 1450s by Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan. In the 1490s, Ludovico Sforza commissioned various artists to decorate the Sforza Castle, including Leonardo da Vinci. During later years, Milan came under foreign rule and the Sforza Castle was mainly used for military purposes and fell into disrepair. After Italian unification in the 1860s, the castle was restored by architect Luca Beltrami and was opened to the public in 1900.

Visiting Sforza Castle today
Today you can visit the elegant courtyard and enter the Sforza Castle to admire the frescos of Leonardo da Vinci. You can also visit a number of museums that are housed in the castle.
•    The Archaeological Museum, displaying artefacts from ancient Egypt and pre-historic times.
•    The Museum of Ancient Art, where the treasures include the Pietà Rondanini, an unfinished work by Michelangelo.
•    Antique Furniture and Wooden Sculpture Museum.
•    The Pinacoteca, displaying mostly Italian art work including works by Mantegna, Canale
tto and Tintoretto.
•   sforza castle The Museum of Musical Instruments, which houses a sixteenth century harpsichord and a Flemish double virginal.
•    Applied Arts Collection, displaying objects from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century.

Plan your visit

Sforza Castle is open Tuesdays through Sunday and can be reached easily by public transport. Facilities include a book shop, toilets, baby changing and a cafeteria.

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