What to see when you are in Milan: Como Lake and Maggiore Lake & Bergamo

What to see when you are in Milan: Como Lake and Maggiore Lake & Bergamo

What to see when you are in Milan: Como Lake & Maggiore Lake with its island. How to reach, and what not-to-be-missed.

What to see when you are in Milano Como -Lake Maggiore Lake


Milano and its position among Lakes, Hills & plains.

Lombardy, whose capital is Milan, is the most populous and richest region of Italy and one of the richest in the whole of Europe.
Lombardy is bordered by Switzerland and by the Italian regions of Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto (east), Emilia-Romagna (south), and Piemonte (west) and it offers a rich variety of landscapes: mountains, lakes, hills and plains that makes this region a perfect destinations for different tourist needs.
The name of this region, Lombardy derives from the Germanic tribe of the Longobards that dominated the regions between the II and the and the climate of the region is continental but it can change across the region.

Famous lake nearby Milan

Lago di Como

One of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Lombardy is the Como Lake (where the famous Alessandro Manzoni’s novel “I promessi Sposi” is set) with their beautiful landscapes and luxury villas and gardens (George Clooney bought a beautiful villa here) and where you can spend a sunny day with friends, family and your partner for example making a pic nic, visiting the villages or making a cruise across the lakes.
Moreover with MilanoCard you can make a tour of the Como Lake with the Navigazione Laghi cruise company that include also a visit to Bellagio and the coast of the lake with its famous villa saving a 20%. ( buy the card here)

Lago Maggiore

Another place worth visiting is the Maggiore Lake: it is the second largest lake in Italy and here you can find some picturesque isles and its gardens, the Borromean Islands, a group of three small islands and two islets; their name derives from the Borromeo family who own the majority of them.
With MilanoCard you can make a tour of the Lake Maggiore and also visit the Borromee Islands:

  • Bella,
  • Madre
  • Pescatori Islands.

Bergamo: Hills nearby Milano

Once you are in Milano you can also visit Bergamo, a small city in the mountains region that is divided in two parts: the upper town and the lower town e city of Bergamo is divided into two distinct parts.

  • the Upper Town that is the old part of the city, at a higher altitude and surrounded by walls,
  • the Lower Town, which is more modern thanks to interventions of urbanization. Bergamo has a lot to offer to tourists with its beautiful squares and churches and the typical funicular!

You can enjoy Bergamo and its attractions with the Bergamo welcome pack but also discover other cities of this region with all the advantages that MilanoCard offers you! ( buy the card here)
What are you waiting for? Come to Milano and spend a day travelling around and discovering this wonderful region!



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