Where to eat in Milano: typical Milanese & Italian food

Where to eat in Milano

Where to eat in Milano typical Milanese & Italian food

Where to eat in Milan the typical Milanese or Italian food? Every country has its own culture and traditions and the local food is one of the most important expressions of a country’s culture.
Then, visiting another city makes you discover a complete new world and tasting the local food will enrich your travel as well as your human experience.
Italy is world-renown for its gastronomic culture but did you know that Milan, as other cities in Italy, has its typical dishes and food traditions?
You can not leave Milan without having tasted one of them!
qualcosa sui cibi tipici

As regards the food experience you can make in Milan you must know that one of the famous local food of Milano is the panettone, a typical sweet usually eaten at Christmas holidays and the “risotto alla Milanese” (rice with saffron and meat).

Where to eat in Milano?

In Milan there is also the typical tradition of making the “aperitivo” (happy hour) after the working day, every Milanese citizen do it more than once a week and if you visit Milano but if you prefer to eat at restaurants we can suggest you the 10 best Milanese restaurants in town:

Top 10 place to eat in Milano

all these place can be reached by public transportation

and Don’t forget the Aperitivo

If you visit Milano you can not miss the opportunity to live a typical milanese tradition: the Aperitivo alla Milanese! You can make the Aperitivo almost in every bar in Milan from late afternoon till the evening and you can find a great variety of food and good drinks.

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Suggestion about eating out in Milan

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